Surface Finishing

The final finish is crucial for the look of any product, so we offer a wide variety of options to suit your requests. A surface finish may be desired due to its texture, colour or effect so we offer solutions to each of these.

Our five main areas of surface finishes include:

Hand-painting, flocking, spray-painting, surface adds-ons and tumbling & polishing


With over thirty years' experience of hand-painting giftware products, we have a highly skilled group of painters. We are very good at blending colours, creating natural appearances and contemporary looks, and painting abstract projects. Our quality is regarded as the highest in our market.

Our paints are all FDA approved and toy safe.

Our hand-painted surface finishes include:

Any of these finishes can be in matte, satin or gloss.


This process involves depositing small fibres onto a surface. It produces an unusual texture and appearance as well as giving a product a modern look. A wide variety of colours is available and a very vivid colour can be achieved from these. Flocking can cover selected areas or the entire object, depending on what you require. Other surface finishes can be applied to any areas that are unflocked.

Tumbling & Polishing

This finish uses an old process in order to get its look. If very smooth finishes are required with a polished look, then this finish is very suitable. Products can be stained too, with a wide variety of colours available.

Only simpler shapes can be tumbled and polished – small, thin, fragile parts are not suitable. There is a limit to the largest size we can put into our machinery, which is approximately 35cm x 30cm.

Surface add-ons

Surface add-ons can give a product an extra special element, for example adding gems to give a touch of sparkle and lustre or we could create an authentic water-effect. Each product is unique, so if you do not see anything here that you require for you product, just contact us to see if we can find a solution.

Some of our add-ons include:


Airbrushing allows for an even coverage of applied colour. The finished ‘look’ is always very professional in appearance due to it being streak- and brush-line free. We combine colour, texture and special effects in order to achieve unique looks. Any matte, satin or gloss finish can be applied to an airbrushed product.

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