About Us

Here at BFA Moulding & Casting we are creative, innovative and committed to making quality moulds and castings. From taking an idea or sketch we can produce a three-dimensional original which is of the highest quality and take this through all processes to give you the finished product you want.

Our main facilities allow for:

Concept & 2D design, sculpting, conversion & sampling, master-pattern making, moulding, casting, surface finishing and packaging.

We can provide a service starting at any stage within this process, just contact us for more information.

Our team is highly skilled, versatile and motivated, enabling us to take on a wide range of challenges. From artists that are known around the world to individuals who are just starting out, we have a large clientèle with whom we work.

Some of our services include:

RTV moulding, resin casting – any resin and any filler, bronze casting, white metal casting, rotational casting, hand-painting, flocking and airbrushing.

More details of our services and equipment can be found here.

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