We have a wide range of equipment here at BFA Moulding & Casting. Although our main specialism is manufacturing for the giftware industry, we have also done work for industries in collectable art and architectural and engineering castings. Our mouldings and castings are always of the highest quality, using a wide variety of equipment available at our factory/studios.

These services include:

Vacuum forming

This process gives us the ability to quickly make shaped mould boxes, reducing the amount of RTV silicon used in production moulds. This machine will also make low volume runs of point of sale display units, packaging inserts and transparent packaging so that items can be displayed in the box.

Centrifuge moulding – resin & white metal

Both resin and white metal centrifuge mouldings use very similar processes. We use a variety of materials to make the moulds depending on the object to be moulded. We can cast to very small scales with great detail and complexity and can do this to production quantities.

Bronze casting

For small prototypes or parts for use in centrifuge moulding. This is done using lost wax and investment casting. Bronze castings can be used for master pattern where many centrifuge moulds will be required or for production items where rigid, high strength parts are needed.

Tumbling & polishing

Our tumbling and polishing machines offer different surface finishes to all types of castings. This process is suitable if a very smooth finish is desired. Stains can be added to give colour and polished to give a high standard finish.

Foam packing

This process allows us to package all sorts of items to ensure minimum breakages whilst in transit. It is lightweight and a perfect solution for complex as well as simple shapes.

Rotary casting

Rotary casting enables hollow castings or parts to be made. Used to reduce weight, this process is suitable on large simple shapes that have less detail than those made with conventional casting.


Used to give a streak-free finish, spray-painting gives a very high quality finish. A variety of effects can be created using combinations of colour, textures and special effects on both large and small castings or components.


Our flocking equipment is the latest addition to our equipment. With much success, it has become a very popular finish to our collection. Flocking gives a unique texture and finish to an object, whilst producing vibrant colours and a modern look.

Click press

This process allows flat shapes to be cut out of materials such as cork and felt. Any shape can be created with this machine, providing a sharp and high quality edge.

Autoclave casting

Facilitates high quality casting of complex shapes to be made without air entrapment on the surface. Suitable for all resin types, especially polyurethane. The heated autoclave also helps full cure through of filled and unfilled resins.


Our nylo machines allow us to print raised designs and text with great detail. The designs tend to be very intricate ensuring the sculpture has a polished look. Different thicknesses of nylo plates can be used but 0.5mm is our most commonly used thickness. The maximum size of a nylo plate is 200mm x 290mm.

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